April 15, 2008

We’re all learning together how to use this sophisticated blog, so any questions you have and any explanations you can give of how to manage will be warmly welcome!


  1. When someone has posted a comment related the thread I added to the blog, it is sent to my email address, too.

    Do you know how I can avoid receiving those emails?

    Thank you!

  2. Hi there! Yes, we’ve got that problem too. The Department was being bombed by emails, so Michelle volunteered her email address, because she can deal with that better!
    We’re working on it, but have not succeed to find out anything yet. If you like, we can change you to Contributor and we can check if the same happens with that role or not. Would you like to give it a try? Then you can check if you can or cannot do what you were doing and tell us! And then we could change you to Author again.

  3. Of course

  4. OK, there.
    Hey, there’s a mistake in our post. It should be “have not succeedED”! Blushed face!!!
    At this time today, we changed your role to Contributor. Let’s see what you find out about it, as compared to being an Author. What we found out is this (quoting WordPress Help):

    Author: Is able to edit their posts, publish their posts and upload files. And they can delete their posts too.

    Contributor: They can edit their posts but cannot publish.

    eoigoyaingles again!: This means that when you start a thread, you won’t see it automatically till we authorize its publication.

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