Hello, everybody!

April 15, 2008

I’m Dakota. I’ve been granted the status of “Editor” and I’ve just signed in to see what this means. I have access to the Control Panel, which is a place that doesn’t look like the Film Club. Under the title “EOI Goya Film Club”, on the left, there are 4 things I can click: “Write” (I can “write” posts, pages, links), “Manage”, “Comments” and “Upgrades”. On the right, I see “Profile” and if I click on that, I can add info about myself. Below this message I’m writing I can tick the category I want to file this post under: if I click “All categories” I see them all and I’m going to pick “1-News & Chit Chat” to file this there. Now I’m going to click on a black box on my right which has two options “Save” and “Publish”, so I’m going to click “Publish”.

PS: I cannot see the control panel where there is a list of all the authors on this blog, only my own profile.


  1. Was this explanation useful to anybody? We’re asking in case we should copy this text on the “How Can I…?” page.

  2. Yes Dakota, i think it is useful and it is a good thing copy th text on the “how Can I…” page

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