April 14, 2008

Dear explorers,
This blog is just a project in its exploratory stage!
You can post here your first comments, questions, suggestions…



  1. I’m just trying this out

  2. hi, hi, hi, hi, testing, testing

  3. why can not I write here???? Oh my God!!!!!

  4. Just to see what it implies, I’ve assigned María the role of “Author”, Natalia that of “Contributor” and Dakota that of “Editor”. We are as “Administrators”. We need to see if all of these appear on the right-side column under “Authors”, or what. We also need to see what each has access to.

    Roberto and Paloma haven’t accepted the invitation yet.

    Oh, we changed “Awaiting for moderation”, so you all can post without having to wait to see your posts.

  5. Although María (and today Natalia and Roberto, too) has been assigned the role of “Author”, on the control panel of this blog it appears she’s sent 0 comments, so something is not right.
    Anyway, we’re happy to see you can all post, like in our other blogs. Now we need to find out if our adorable volunteers can post as AUTHORS of this blog. We’ll keep investigating!

  6. That is the question. I don’t know where I must post my comments as author

  7. and how can I add an image ?

  8. Can you click on your name? On the control panel I went to the top right corner, where there are two labels: Settings, and Users. I clicked Users, then I saw the list of us, users (only the people who registered as Authors: María, Natalia, Roberto and us), then I click on our nick, eoigoyaingles, and then I was able to upload from my PC an avatar. I’m going to sign up as an Author, like you, to see if I find the way… So I’ll be back!

  9. How can I add a video? Oh my God, this is wonderful! ahahaha 😉

  10. Wow, people! It’s AMAZING!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! WE’RE ALL LEARNING LIKE CRAZY!!! hahahahah

  11. I’ve written a post about a film but it appears not untherneath the rest of your comments but in a different page. What I have to do?

  12. Mmm… I need the link, OK? Tell me. And congratulations, I just saw your two posts awaiting approval, approved them and changed you into an AUTHOR so you don’t need to wait for approval! (Out of breath!)
    One thing for you 4, adorable explorers and film fanatics! 😛 As you can seen, Authors do not sign automatically their posts. They are listed on the right, but when you post, your name doesn’t appear. (so you could type your name at the end, if you like). But then, and this is a ?????????? it seems that your name appears on the right under “Recent comments”… ??? Or is it because those were older comments, from when you were not using the Author sign in?
    Ays qué lío! 😀

  13. I can´t delete my testing words… How can I do it?

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