The Baby Human. Geniuses in Diapers

April 12, 2008

AMAZING NEWS: BABY HUMAN. DESARROLLO Y COMPORTAMIENTO has just been released!!! We can buy it and watch it both in Spanish and English!!! The 2 DVDs contain the 6 episodes. The company seems to be DIVISA HOME VIDEO 2006. As you can see, they’ve changed the title, but it’s the same collection we were referring to.

The 6 episodes of this documentary are about the development of human intelligence from 0 to 2 years old. We cannot get the DVD yet because it’s only for Region 1 (America), but Canal+ showed it years ago and then you can find it on the Net.
The episodes are: To Walk, To Talk, To Relate, To Belong, To Feel, To Think.
At Talking People there are some activities for the episode “To Belong”
From the Back Cover
Imagine you’re suddenly thrust into a world where you can’t speak, can barely move, and must unravel the meaning behind a maze of sounds and sights in order to survive. This is the world of the baby. For the first time, experience the first two years of a child’s life just as they do. This groundbreaking program reveals what only the little ones know. What is their most profound need? How do they really see their parents? What does it feel like to struggle to walk or learn or speak? It’s an incredible journey each of us has taken–but none of us remember. Get a carpet-and-crib eye view of the baby’s world as they take their first humorous, death-defying, wondrous steps into life.


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