Proposals to start threads

April 12, 2008

Supposing you cannot start a thread yourself, you can post here your proposals. Then we will start a thread on that and you can paste your comment or comment there. Do you agree with this system, or is there any other idea to deal with this?


  1. hello?? This is second time that I try to write here…

  2. Name of film? are you looking for proposals?
    Has anyone seen “This is England”? I was amazed to learn about skinheads in the 80’s. I mean, today racism, neo-nazism and all the other forms of anti-social behaviour associated with skins have become the snap-judgements most people make but it wasn’t always like that. I was also touched by the protagonist, Shaun, whose need to find someone or something to believe in leads him into violent adulthood.
    Soooooooo happy to see we have great people volunteering for the new blog! Congratulations!

  3. I think it would be nice having a section for soundtracks and scores

  4. Another one for books about films

  5. and what about making different groups depending on the kind of film we are talking about: drama, comedy…. or 20’s,30’s ….

    A good interesting links could be: americanfilminstitute, britishfilminstitute,internetmoviedatabase ….

  6. One more:

    Famous speeches or quotes!

    Our list of favourite films of all times…

  7. Wow! OK. The thing is, when we create the category, it doesn’t show on the right-hand column until there is one post filed under that category. (That’s why I created all these “example” posts, so you could see the draft of categories we made.)

  8. Not sure this is going to work

  9. It has worked!!
    Fantastic ideas, but I still need to come to terms and become familiar with this blog. It´s different to the other two we have

  10. Yes, it is, Carmen, but very well done! You managed!!! We have to register you here, so you can pick an avatar (graphic) and start threads.

  11. I have registered but quite honestly I´m totally lost!!!

  12. Could we have a thread of Film´s music??

  13. Welcome Carmen. We were missing you here.

  14. There’s a section called Questions for Michelle which she asked us to use! Please read the left-side section called “Pages”, click on them. Just below you will see that there is already that section, María. It’s called Soundtracks.
    Carmen, great!, but the process is not complete. We’ll include your email as an “Author” on the control panel and then we can all see if you are in. At the moment, you are not. Gotta go

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