Bagdad Cafe

April 12, 2008

A special movie, Bagdad Cafe, and Jevetta Steele singing “Calling You”

A desert road from Vegas to nowhere
Some place better than where you’ve been
A coffee machine that needs some fixing
In a little café just around the bend

I am calling you
Can’t you hear me
I am calling you

A hot dry wind blows right through me
The baby’s crying and I can’t sleep
But we both know a change is coming
Coming closer, sweet release

I am calling you
I know you hear me
I am calling you


  1. I have listened to this song many times but I have not seen the film yet. I think I’ve got it at home, therefore, I am looking forward to watch it.

    The part played by the harmonica is very beautiful.

  2. What a wonderful film! I have enjoyed every single scene and not many times one can watch such a very good film.

    World is full of plain people like the roles appearing in the film and after watching it you realize how brave and courageous women are. Besides, people may achieve happiness lacking of money and material things.

    Jasmin, the German woman, is charming and great.

  3. Oh, great you like it! I loved it too! It’s been a long time since I last watched it, though, so I don’t remember it too well! But I remember I loved it and that it was “different”. Yes, she’s charming! And the music’s great, yes, including the harmonica! And I loved the desert, too. It reminded me of Castilla! 😉

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